3 iPhone settings that all users need to disable right now

Whether you use the iPhone for many years or have switched to an Apple smartphone quite recently, with a high degree of probability on your device there are many functions that you do not even know exist. Moreover, some of these functions are completely useless for most users. However, they take their share of the charge of the battery or the power of the processor. In this manual, we talked about the three functions of the iPhone, which you should turn off right now.

1. Disable endless application notifications
Almost every application from the App Store feels it’s their duty to ask the user about how much he liked it. And their applications are sent regularly, even though Apple has strictly limited the maximum number of such requests to users. For those iPhone owners who use a lot of applications, such assessment notices turn into a real nightmare, as for a day they can come in several pieces.

Fortunately, disabling and forever forgetting about them is very simple. Go to “Settings” → “iTunes Store and App Store” and switch the “Ratings and reviews” switch to the inactive position. When you have a desire to write a review to the application, then do it without additional reminders and instructions, going to the page of a specific application in the App Store.

2. Stop sending Apple data
Apple is actively working on improving iOS (although it’s not very noticeable on iOS 11), collecting various data from all mobile devices. Apple is highly confidential and respectful of users in this regard, so the collection function is inactive by default. However, most users themselves include it during the initial configuration of the iPhone. They hurry to see the cherished main screen of the smartphone, quickly skipping the whole process of setting, leaving it for later. Together with this, they allow the iPhone to send data to Apple for analysis.

3 iPhone settings that all users need to disable right now

No threat to personal data in this, but on the very collection and sending of the iPhone definitely spends the resources of the battery and processor. Forbid the iPhone to send data for analysis to Apple in the “Settings” → “Confidentiality” → “Analysis” menu by unchecking the “Share by iPhone Analysis” checkbox.

3. Disable the improvement of the “Maps” application
Apple’s branded mapping application “Maps” is still trying to approach Google Maps in terms of quality and accuracy. And in the US, Apple’s “Maps” really succeeds. But not in the CIS countries. At us application “Maps” on iPhone works medium.

3 iPhone settings that all users need to disable right now

If you do not hope that Apple will ever make the “Maps” on iPhone ideal, go to “Settings” → “Privacy” → “Location Services” → “System Services” and turn off the “Analysis iPhone” “,” Routing and traffic “,” Popular near “and” Improving Maps “. All of these functions you absolutely do not need.

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